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Open Air Pleasures Lara Craft

Open Air Pleasures Sexy summer

My favorite season? Definitely summer! I love to sit out on my patio and sip a refreshing cocktail, wearing almost nothing, since basically noone can see me. Actually, this is the fact that makes me t…

Open Air Pleasures Larissa Dee

Open Air Pleasures Holiday hottie

When I'm on holiday I like to read some magazines, sit at the swimming pool, work on my tan and forget about home and job. I want to relax as much as possible; so I have my favorite travel companion a…

Open Air Pleasures Lianna

Open Air Pleasures Project pink

I recently boughts this little pink dress, with a matching pair of lovely lingerie, also in pink. Now all I need is a pait of pink high-heel slippers, and I am ready to seduce everyone around!…

Open Air Pleasures Lisa Sparkle

Open Air Pleasures Red is hot

How do you like my new top? Hot, isn’t it? Or you’d rather watch my cute little red panty? Well, you might like it, anyways, I’ll take it off… Then you’ll be able to see my tiny little red n…

Open Air Pleasures Lolli

Open Air Pleasures Caught in the act

The life of celebrities is often hard, believe me. One day I was sunbathing on the anchor deck of my skiff, when suddenly I caught the glimpse of photographers’ lenses glinting through the remote tr…

Open Air Pleasures Lolli

Open Air Pleasures My plans for the future

I always wanted to appear in a porn video. From my early teen years, I wanted to be a star, whom people deserve, envy and celebrate. I'm on my way to fulfill this plan of mine - and I really enjoy it!…

Open Air Pleasures Lorna

Open Air Pleasures Sunshine babe

Lorna is read to enjoy the first rays of sunshine... in the company of her handy dildo, which she uses not only on her pink pussy but on her tight ass as well!

the set includes:
anal scenes,…

Open Air Pleasures Lucy Belle

Open Air Pleasures La belle

Lucy Belle was so popular among the crew and actors that while she did her scene, a number of guys grouped together and they were watching her from a distance. The girl just smiled when they took out …